During this episode, I chat about about exercise and mitochondrial madness. So mitochondria appear to be the new sexy topic in exercise physiology. While you’ll commonly hear them called the powerhouse of the cell, it’s kind of technically true, but they do a lot of other things in addition to creating energy for your cells. And right after discussing the powerhouse question, you usually talk about mitochondria and a development. This poses the physiology/training question, “Well, I don’t have to do any aerobic training because I lift weights. Can I just lift weights faster?” IF you want a maximal mitochondrial adaptation, the answer is “No, you can’t.” Now will you get a higher level of “fitness” by lifting weights faster, doing some type of Metcon or metabolic conditioning? Yeah. Will you be able to do harder and more intense Metcons by doing Metcons? Yes, you will. But let’s figure out what happens to the mitochondria . . .

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