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Eustress vs. Distress Psychology

I am not a psych professional, but as a coach/trainer for more than 16 years now, I’ve had to pick up a bunch of it along the way due...


Fire and Ice – How Extremes Help You Reduce Stress

Earlier this year, when gathering in confined spaces was still a thing, I spent a few days in Northern MN at a “Fire and Ice” retreat at the Points...


Dr. Mike’s Random Thoughts

I was cleaning the other day and found these random thoughts from 2013 and thought it would be fun to post them here. Note, these are my thoughts and...


Fitness Newsletter off topic- the elephant in the room

This newsletter is going to be a bit off-topic and we will be back to your normally scheduled fitness methods to increase performance body comp sprinkled with poor slashing...


3 Step Domination Plan for GainZ

You may be thinking the 3 step domination plan for gainz is to eat all the foodz in sight and lift all the weightZ. That works; but since you...


Sunlight to shrink fat cells? Really?

Imagine you just stepped out of your time machine after being transported back to Muscle Beach in its prime. You arrive to spot the likes of Vic Tanny, Joe...


Flex Diet Podcast – Season 2 Begins

I’m back! Join me for Season 2 of the Flex Diet Podcast – formerly known as Not Another Fitness Podcast….for fitness geeks only. I also have a tip on...


Why you do NOT need motivation to train like pro

There I said it. I am not a fan of motivation. I am not against motivation; I don’t count on it – either with my training or with clients who train...

3 Lessons to Leanness . . . At almost 40 years old 

At 38 years old, I started looking ahead and decided I wanted to be “in the best shape of my life” by my 40th birthday. Birthdays are such an...


Spartan Media Fest: The Future of Podcasting

Super honored to be on a panel about “The Future of Podcasting” at Spartan Media Fest. Listen in . .. . Enjoy! Dr Mike