Has your fat loss or exercise performance have not improved since a certain orange faced president with a dead animal on his head was elected?  If so, what do you do next?

Try harder?


When did simply “trying harder” ever resolve anything?  The only thing that got me in the past was injured or a buried SUV in mud.

If you are stalled, look to build more anti-fragility.


Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder is a book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb that puts a great spin on our normal thought processes of how your body works.

For example, items that are fragile break easy like a fancy wine glass.

Items that are robust, do not break easy (like a Tupperware bowl).

Anti-fragile items go beyond robust and actually get BETTER with acute stressors.

The human body is a perfect example.

Say your name is Bench Press Billy Bob.  Since it is Monday, you go to Globo Gym (Planet Fitness is not hardcore enough for Billy as he grunts too much) and stress dem pecs with a bazillion reps of bench, decline bench hit dem lower pecs, flys for the inner pecs, machine chest press (because it’s there) and cable crossovers to burn in those nonexistent striations.  Despite all the crazy stress, by the time Billy goes back next Monday, his body will be better adapted to that stress.  It not only resisted the stress; it got better because of it.

The goal is to build anti-fragility-  aka be much harder to kill. By definition then your ability to survive is better.  Want faster results?  Teach your body how to survive better?  You are wired for survival.

How about applied to nutrition?

Enhanced metabolic flexibility is antifragile nutrition.
Increasing the metabolic flexibly of your metabolism –its ability to use a wide variety of fuels from fats to carbs to even ketones and lactate.  Met Flex is a key factor to increase your ability to survive and then thrive.

Survival is the name of the game. It is how your body is wired. It will always pick survival. Learning to survive better is the key to enhance your results.  When you get stuck, ask yourself  “what can I do to enhance my ability to survive better?”  Watch your results come back again.

Dr Mike

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